Welcome to AnjumanIshat-e-Taleem Jalna

Quality Education is the universal need of the modern globalised world. The progress of the society depends upon the progress of the quality education. Fifty years back, the education scenario in the Muslim minority community was the lowest and dismal. The percentage of literacy rate among Muslim is below 10 and girls education was blank. A group with vision and social commitment led by Dr. Mohd. Badruddin had decided to change this shocking situation.so AnjumanIshat-e-Taleem was founded in 1966to provide quality education to Muslims. The school namely Urdu High School was started. Initially, they faced tremendous difficulties but they overcome all hurdles. Now, the AnjumanIshat-e-Taleem runs Urdu Primary, Urdu High School and Urdu Junior College of Arts and Science. The institution also has a study center of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. The institution is starting a senior college for girls in the near future. Its sisters education institutions Haji Makhdoom Urdu primary School and Janta School are also providing education in the town. It is a matter of greatness and divine grace that the AnjumanIshat-e-Taleem has produced thousands of Doctors, Engineers, Architects, and Professionals. Traders, businessmen, political leaders and government officers.
Founder of the Anjuman
The founder of the Anjuman and secretary Dr. Mohd. Badruddin Mohd. Tamizuddin was born on 10 September 1936 at Paithan in Aurangabad district. He studied his primary education at Parbhani and high schooling in government school, Jalna. Later, he moved to Aurangabad for intermediate examination. Armed with MBBS degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He determined that he will not only cure physical diseases but also remove the darkness of illiteracy from Muslim Community. He Believes that education is a panacea to social evils, so he has decided to provide quality education aiming to transform heads, hearts and hands of children positively to make them good citizens. A multi-faceted personality and diverse interests have sparkled through his various roles in the fields of politics, education, social welfare and community building.

From Principal Desk Mohd.Iftequaruddin

The institute aims to provide such a quality education that will prepare each child to be a successful person in this world and the abstract spiritual world. We stress to make students to achieve high academic and professional success by maintaining the core values of Islam. We follow the syllabus prescribed by the Maharashtra government we believe that this is the e-world and so we give stress on e-learning to make the process of learning process of learning more effective and more entertaining. We believe that learning process should be child-centered with diverse activities involving students. We aim to shape overall personality of a child by exposing and involving every child into educational excursions, sports, public speaking, cultural activities and science exhibitions. English is the global medium of Knowledge, so we have introduced semi-English medium from5th Standard to 12th standard. We maintain bright success in board results as well as sports. May Allah Subhanahuta’ala accept our sincere efforts and guide us in the future and continuous path of social construction (Ameen)

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