Speech on launching of SPU Website

The Speech made by the Secretary, Bashir Nuckchady, on the occasion of the official launching of our website, at the Islamic Cultural Centre, on Saturday the 27th February 2010

The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping, the Honorable Dr. R. Beebeejaun, The Lord mayor Mr. Sheik Mukhtar Hossenbocus, The Chairman of the ICC, Dr. Farad Aumeer, the Chairman of the SPU, Mr. Farouq Rujul, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: Assalamo alai kum

“Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves,

or we know where we can find information about it.”

This is a quotation from Samual Johnson, who is the most quoted English writers. Of course, when he wrote these words, he wasn’t making a reference to the Internet as a source of information. In those days, when people were travelling long distances in quest for knowledge or for information,  Imagine what they would have thought  if they could see us searching data throughout the world for research on a particular subject at the touch of a computer key.

But I find Samuel Johnson’s words very relevant to what we are talking about here today.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am pleased to be here today to announce the launching of the new website of the SPU, www.anjumanurdu.org, which has been developed to enable information to be accessed easily by all.

The Internet is a great source of information. Locally, more than two hundred thousand of all ages regularly log on to the Internet from either their office, Cyber Café or from home. The Internet has already made a big difference for many of these people.

The launch of the website today is more than a mere embracement of ICT.  To us, who understand that information equals to knowledge and that knowledge equals to power, the realisation and the launch of this new website embody the SPU’s resolute quest to ensuring that multi-facet range of Urdu Lovers has easy access to quality information about Urdu, thus, empowering them to exercise their rights to acquire knowledge.

I am therefore indeed filled with joy this afternoon because of the potential this achievement has in assisting the SPU to communicate better, and to serve Urdu Readers more effectively.

It has become fashionable in our day, to be able to refer people to one’s website and thus indicate that our organisation is part of the technologically advanced.  But an ICT product, such as a website, is not an end in itself but a means to an end.  The crucial question then becomes whether one’s website really serves its purpose?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This new web site we are launching today provides another option for accessing information pertaining to the development and progress made in Mauritius in the field of Urdu Language, i.e. Urdu Literature, Urdu Poetry, Urdu Short Stories, Urdu Drama etc., More importantly, the Mauritian Urdu Literature. It will sound like unbelievable, but there are many Urdu Lovers, who have in store several creative writings, which have never been published and most tragically, many have been lost into oblivion. This website is a golden opportunity offered to them to make known their realization. I seize this opportunity to make an appeal to them to contact us for the publication of their works. I’m pleased to inform you all here present that their valuable publications can be made available to all surfers over the world – not only to a particular subscriber.

Finally, a few word on the Web Designer. A dynamic youth full of vigour, young student from the University of Mauritius and bestowed with great deal of talent, Mr. Ashesh, Ramjeeawon. He has proved to be gifted with great amount of endurance. I seize this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks for the great job done and more so for the patience, he has shown all the way through.

Thank you.

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